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We are able to provide these children with the ability to attend school through the generous support of many donors. Please see the section Sponsors and Partners for a list of our supporters.


Support To Vulnerable Children / Scholarships

Ebunoluwa Foundation provides educational, vocational and rehabilitation support for the children in Eruobodo House and, where finances allow, to some children in other institutions as well. These scholarships are allocated through referrals from partnering social workers, government officials and orphanages or remand homes. The scholarships are often part of a support initiative to a specific state institution in cases where a child can either be made more independent or where the scholarship allows the child to return to live in their family.

The scholarship programme is a long-term commitment to the children in question. Once selected, Ebunoluwa Foundation intends to assist that child through their entire schooling career. Currently, the foundation is supporting 34 children including 4 HIV+ girls in Iwara-Oka at various stages in their educational career. We have children in primary, secondary and tertiary levels.

At the tertiary level, Ebunoluwa currently supports 8 children in 8 different universities across Nigeria in the following fields:

  • Biochemistry;
  • Criminology;
  • Christian religious studies;
  • Electrical-electronics engineering;
  • Drama and film making;
  • Catering and hotel management;
  • Political science education, and;
  • Theatre arts