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Our Vision & Mission

We believe that each and every child in Nigeria has a right to a safe and happy environment in which they can develop to the best of their ability and to their full potential.

Certain children are vulnerable to being marginalised and are not provided with the love, care and surroundings they require and deserve. These children include:
  • children with physical and/ or mental disabilities,
  • children who have, or whose parents have, HIV/AIDS or other illnesses
  • children who, through cultural taboos or beliefs are stigmatised or outcast

We believe that it is best for a child to live with their own family. In some cases, though, families need support in order to provide the right environment for their child. Some families simply do not have the means to provide the special care these children need.

Orphans: Where children have been orphaned or abandoned, most institutions in Nigeria need support to provide the best care possible. Because of the conditions of institutions in Nigeria, this is often not the case. Where proper care is not possible, we mediate adoptions so that loving families can be found that have the means and desire to provide the loving environment these children need.   Orphans

Our Mission is to help the most vulnerable children in Nigeria to gain access to the medical, educational and social environment they need so that they can each lead a full and satisfying life.

We fulfil Our Mission through Two Primary Strategies:

1. Individual Children: For the children in our care, we aim to assist them according to their unique personality, condition and history. At Eruobodo House we ensure the development and well-being of each of our 20 residents. We provide them with a place they can call home. We address their physical and mental developmental needs and also provide education or training which will allow them to reach their full potential.

For individual children who do not reside in our home, we arrange for education and or training scholarships and medical assistance where possible. Alternatively, we arrange for adoptions, both nationally and internationally, for orphans who can be given a better life in another family.

2. All Vulnerable Children In Nigeria: In order to help more children across the country, we aim to change social attitudes and institutional policies so that all vulnerable children are properly taken care of. We do outreach programmes in families and communities with mentally or physically challenged children. We also do outreach programmes in local orphanages, and arrange seminars for public service employees who are involved in child care services to improve the services provided to orphaned children. And we aim to provide training and other support to state-run orphanages that care for these vulnerable children.