Our Sponsors & Partners
Corporate Sponsors
  1. Vinay Mahtani of Churchgate Group was born in New York, educated at Eton College, UK and graduated from Tufts University in Boston, USA. In 2006 he joined the family business, Churchgate Group, in Nigeria. In 2009, he became its Group Managing Director. It is through his interest in the Eruobodo House and his fundraising efforts that we will be able to build a new Eruobodo House.

  2. Mr Salami and his son have been one of the most reliable donors to the fund since 2002. As residents of the community where Eruobodo House is located, they are valuable members of the community and truly dear friends and loyal supports of Nigeria’s vulnerable children

  3. Professor David Aradeon is an architect and has designed the new home for the children. He has been instrumental in helping us obtain the correct permits and navigating the state’s legal procedures for building on our new plot of land.

  4. Professor Olusegun Fayemi from the USA provides funds which are used to fund scholarships for various students at Eruobodo House.

  5. Elizabeth Wesstrom from Sweden funds a student scholarship for a young adult now attending university.

  6. Dr Olunuga of the Miniclinic is a general practitioner who provides our children with medical assistance free of charge.

  7. Dr Oduwole is a dentist who also provides our children with free dental treatments.

  8. The artist, Alimi Adewale, held a sale and auction of his work at Quintessence. All proceeds went straight to supporting the Eruobodo House of the Ebunoluwa Foundation.

    More of Alimi's work can be seen online at www.alimiadewale.com and on display at Quintessence Gallery and Red Door Gallery in Lagos.

  9. Swedish and Dutch adoptive families sponsor four girls who are, to go to a boarding school in Iwara-Oka. EF & Wouter donated the funds used to upgrade and renovate the boarding facilities for the girls.

  10. In the design of the architectural drawings for our new Eurobodo house, the following individuals and companies all donated their time and talents to creating a final plan: David Aradeon, Paul Akpokodje and Kuti Ezebiro of Studio 4 Associates; Engr. Niyi Lajumoke of Sampal ESI; Engr. Olu Alabi of Ala Associates; Sam Emiowele and Wole John of Ekeoba and Emiowele Partnership; Chief Segun Odumosu of Consol Associates; and Design Matrix Installations.

  11. Peju Alatise, a Nigeria artist & novelist, donated a piece of her mixed media art to be displayed and auctioned to benefit Eruobodo House. More of her architecture-inspired work can be found at www.pejualatise.com or on exhibit at Art Twenty-One and Nike Art Gallery.

  12. Polly Alakija, a UK born artist, who lived in Nigeria for several years, donated a piece of artwork painted directly on a Keknapep for auction. More of her work can be found at www.pollyalakija.com

  13. Irene Barberofoulosmade a donation of beautiful Nigerian artifacts from her private estate that had been collected during her long residency in Nigeria. Proceeds from the sales to benefit Eruobodo House. Pieces are on display and available for purchase at Quintessence in Lagos.

In our community, there are many other individuals, church groups and student organisations which, as a result of our awareness programmes, regularly visit us and provide financial and in-kind support.

We thank all of Our Donors, Partners and Supporters!