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Public Education & Advocacy / Government Outreach And Information
Through our work with adoptions we come into contact with many individuals from the public sector:
  • Federal and state ministry personnel,
  • Members of the police force,
  • Legal system and immigration officials,
  • Managers and staff of orphanages and remand homes etc.

The social services which oversee child welfare in Nigeria are grossly underfunded and a majority of the personnel is under-trained. Some staff members in remand homes see the children as kids who have thrown away by someone else – sometimes we get the impression that they think ‘why should I care for these children when I have trouble caring for my own at home…?’

With every contact we make, the staff at Ebunoluwa Foundation aim to influence the attitudes and increase the knowledge these officials have on child rights and their needs. We offer professional advice and support either in funding, seminars, training or in kind donations, where ever we can. Through our daily interactions we hope to raise awareness of the fact that every child is a gift: it is not enough to just allow them to survive; with proper support and love, they will grow to be meaningful members of our society. In protecting these gifts, we improve our society.