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Eruobodo House Staff
  • Mrs Odetola, The Matron and Administrator
  • Bukola Ogunleye, Care Giver and Personal Assistant to The Matron
  • Bamidele Odesanya, Social
  • Funlayo Aina is The Cook
  • Kehinde Salisu, Nanny
  • Joseph Nwankwo, Gardener
  • Sunday, Night Guard
  • Segun Adebowale, Arts and Crafts Teacher
Our Costs
Eruobodo House gets no public assistance from government sources; we rely on both financial and in-kind contributions from private sources. Eruobodo House is home to between 17 and 25 children. At our current level of activity and service to the children under our care, we estimate that it costs us around 28,000 Naira per child per month.
These Costs Include:
  • Salaries
  • Electricity
  • Diesel for the Bus
  • DSTV
  • Petrol for the generator      
  • Food and perishable supplies such as toilet paper, washing soap etc.    
  • School fees
Eruobodo House


Eruobodo House was created in 1997 by a group of Nigerian and expatriate women who saw a need to create a warm and safe environment for some of Nigeria’s most vulnerable children. Most of our children have physical or mental challenges from birth and were abandoned by their parents. A few of our residents are orphans who do not have disabilities but who have been abandoned for a variety of other reasons. These children live at Eruobodo House and attend education programmes in schools in the vicinity. Our mix of children is deliberate and creates an extended family environment that all these children call home.

Daily life at Eruobodo House is much like life in any household. Children attend age- and needs-appropriate school or training programmes. All of the children are involved in the daily routines on the compound. There is a garden to maintain where fruit and vegetables are grown. The chicken and goats must be fed, and eggs collected for sale to the community.
We have a fish farm where we raise cat-fish. We also run a small stall where the baskets, necklaces and cards made by the children are sold. We also sell second hand goods that are donated to us.

These activities service multiple purposes. Firstly, they allow Eruobodo House to be earn its own, albeit humble, income that contributes to the daily running costs of the home. Secondly, the children who are able to, participate in these activities and thereby learn skills, and participate according to their individual ability.

Thirdly, the activities bring the home in direct service of the community in which it is located. There are many taboos about mental and physical disabilities in Nigeria. The commercial activities of Eruobodo House have contributed to breaking the barriers between the community and the home and improving attitudes towards mentally and physically challenged children. Several families with special needs children are now better able to care for their children through the information and sensitisation undertaken by Eruobodo House’s matron.

Eurobodo House is located in Ijebu-Ode, about a one-hour drive east of Lagos. Currently, the home is in a large bungalow provided free-lease by the generosity of the estate of the late Mrs. Betti Okubojejo. We are currently in the process of building a new, purpose-built home for our children. We have purchased the land and obtained all the correct documentation and rights to build (a costly and time consuming process). We have architectural plans for a lovely, state of the art building. We have built the perimeter wall, prepared the land, build the guardhouse and planted fruit trees. We have bought consignments of bricks for the building and tiles for the floors.

But in order to make this dream a reality, we need your help. To date, we have received gracious donations from Vinay Mahtani, Churchgate Group's Managing director, the Aunti Fundation in Holland, Eruobodo House Foundation in Holland, Child and Future and Adoption in Holland, the Centrum in Sweden, South African Women and the British Women's Groups of Lagos and the Caledonian Society of Lagos, the Dutch Night Committee, Small World, FHN, Exxon, and Seatruck Group. We have ongoing fund-raising projects. To participate or to learn more, please contact us.

Eruobodo House
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