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Van Oord's delivery

Update on construction of the new home for our children. Last year Vinay Mahtani did a sponsored climb of the Kilimanjaro in order to raise funds for a new home for our children. We have been busy gettin planning approval, the quantity surveyors report… We are nearly there. In the meantime, the seed money provided by Vinay for the construction of the home (USD 125,000!!) has led to other donations. The Caledonian society has given us Naira 500,000 for a borehole and a gate for the entrance of the property. The South African Women’s Group has generously donated Naira 1.6 million that has been used to purchase floor tiles for the house. We would like to thank all our kind donors for their continued support!
Soon our children will have a beautiful new,
custom built home!

AUNTIE sold little bricks symbolising the bricks for our new home. The activity raised 8,000 Euro for the construction of Eruobodo House.
Women's Associations
South African Women's Association has twice donated funds obtained through the yearly Small World fundraising event in Lagos.
Corporate Sponsors

The Churchgate Group is our lead corporate donor. It is a well-known Nigerian conglomerate, spread over various industries with a specialisation in real estate and property development. Vinay Mahtani, the group’s Managing Director, is an important member of our community, most recently as a fund-raiser for the construction of our new home

This Lagos-based arts and crafts shop and art gallery sells the crafts produced by the children of Eruobodo House, fund-raises and collects supplies from Lagos-based donors, and is the financial resource of last resort. In times of great need – for salaries or emergency costs, Aino Ternstedt Oni-Okpaku, the owner of the shop and founder of Ebunulowua Foundation, has provided what was needed.

Van Oord (Netherlands)
Van Oord is a Dutch company that builds and maintains ports, constructs river and coastal defences to protect against the effects of climate change, builds (sustainable) energy and tourism facilities, and reclaims land to accommodate the growing world population in deltas and coastal areas. In 2011, they donated a large, brand new bus to Eruobodo House. In 2012 they generously paid to deliver a large container full of donated items from Holland's adoption parents to our home.


Alaba Odunlami & Co. Chambers, Eleganza House, Lagos
A firm of lawyers offer free law services to our Foundation

Adebayo Cole & Co, Jibowu street, Yaba, Lagos
This firm of chartered accountants audit our accounts and also donate towards our projects

MTN Nigeria
This telecommunications company donated fund to the general support of the children in Eruobodo House. In 2013 they gave a very generous donation of goods and foodstuffs for the home.

NGO’s and Associations

Liliane Fonds
Through their Nigerian National Office, the Dutch Liliane Fonds support the educational and medical needs of 20 children both within and outside of Eruobodo House. The children are identified by Eruobodo House who manage the support for each child until they reach the age of 25.

Eruobodo House (Netherlands)
This foundation was set up by parents who have adopted children from Nigeria with the help of the Ebunoluwa Foundation. The parents raise funds for the general daily running costs of the house as well as providing ‘in kind’ contributions.

Child and Future (the Netherlands)
This is an adoption agency in the Netherlands which fundraises to provide scholarships to specific children and also to assist in the general running costs of the home. They also support the organisation and running of our outreach workshops.

AUNTIE (Netherlands)
This is an association of adoptive parents who fundraise to provide scholarships to specific children and also to assist in the general running costs of the home. In 2012, parents jointly donated Euro 7,500 to go towards the Eruobodo House project.

Adoptive Parents (Sweden)
This is an association of adoptive parents who fundraise to provide scholarships to specific children and also to assist in the general running costs of the home.

Adoptions Centrum (Sweden)
This agency in Sweden has been supportive of our advocacy projects

South African’s in Lagos (SAIL) club
The SAIL club decided, during a meeting of members, to support the construction project for Ebunoluwa House. They held a charity evening in November and raised N1.6 million for the home. This money has been used to purchase floor tiles for the new home.

Women’s Associations
There are several international women’s organisations that occasionally or regularly provide assistance to the Foundation and Eruobodo House. The British Women’s Group is a regular and valued contributor, providing, for example, Christmas gifts for each child at Eruobodo House. They have pledged to purchase furnishings for our new home once it is constructed. Individuals from the French Women’s Association collected food and house hold supplies for the home last Christmas.

Scandinavian Society
This organisation has been there for us from the beginning, donating in cash and kind towards our projects.


Caledonian Society
The Caledonian Society has given the Eruobodo House Naira 500,000 for the construction of a borehole for the new home that will provide fresh water for our children. This kind donation will also go to buying the gate for the entrance to our site. The society has also pledged another 500,000 to purchase building materials once the construction of our new home is underway. Thank you so much!