'Every Child Is A Gift'

'Every Child Is A Gift'
in various Nigerian languages

"Ebunoluwa" - Yoruba
(South-western Nigeria)

"Ngozi Chukwu"
- Igbo
(South-eastern Nigeria)

"Kyauta daga hanun Ubangiji"
- Hausa
(Northern Nigeria)

"Esohe" - Ora
(Edo region of southern Nigeria)

"Eseoghene" - Urhobo
(Delta State of southern Nigeria)

"Eno Abasi" - Efik
(Cross-River state in south-eastern Nigeria)

News & Events
Construction on the house has begun! The perimeter wall and the gatehouse are up. Fruit trees have been planted. We have containers of tiles and other goods donated for the future home for our kids. We have ongoing fund-raising projects. To participate or to learn more, please contact us.
Welcome To Ebunoluwa Foundation

Every child has the right to a safe and happy home in which he or she can develop to the best of his or her ability. In Nigeria, many children do not grow up in an environment which enables them to reach their full potential. The most vulnerable children, those least likely to have the support they deserve, are those with physical and mental challenges, children with HIV/AIDS and children who have been, for whatever reason, abandoned by their families.

Ebunoluwa Foundation aims to create an environment in Nigeria in which orphans and vulnerable children get the care they need to have a full, productive and satisfying life.
We do this in three ways:

  1. We run a home for orphaned and disabled children;
  2. We provide scholarships and medical assistance to those who need it and mediate in adoptions to families who can care for these children;
  3. We advocate on the behalf of these children both at the community and state level for changes to policies and attitudes towards these children.

On this website you will find information on children in Nigeria, and about our current work, our past achievements and our future goals. The website aims to provide a portal to groups and individuals around the world who share our desire to support children who are most vulnerable to neglect.

How to Participate
Ebunoluwa Foundation and Eruobodo House are fully self-funding. We receive no public assistance from government sources and rely on both financial and in-kind contributions from private sources. To get an idea of our current costs, please go to Our Projects. If you wish to join our family of support to Nigeria’s children in need, please go to How to Participate.
Ebunoluwa Foundation